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Fearless Gardeners Tip #009 : Growing With H2o2

Growing with H2O2 Hydrogen peroxide is most commonly used in hydroponic systems, but it can be used in soil and coco as well. H2O2 CAN BE USED TO COMBAT: Mold Weeds Root rot Fungal infections Algae Insects Never use hydrogen peroxide while using beneficial bacteria / microbes. H2O2 will kill all the GOOD bacteria, along with the bad! HOW TO USE H2O2 AS A DISINFECTANT: Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a surface cleaner and a disinfectant for all your grow equipment Use it to disinfect: pots, floors, and equipment. To use it as a disinfectant, dilute with 20 parts water to 1 part hydrogen peroxide along with a drop of detergent to help it penetrate. PROS OF USING H2O2: Healthier...

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