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Konk 418D Flying Insect Killer

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Konk 418D Flying Insect Killer


Metered, pressurized spray for the control of flies, gnats and mosquitoes.

Use areas: attics, garages, outdoor storage buildings, horse stables, crawl spaces such as in basement areas. Use area must have at least 170 cubic metres of free flow air space. Do not install in the living areas of the home such as the kitchen, bedroom or living room.

Directions for use: In areas where ceilings are approximately 3 metres high the dispenser should be located 2-2.5 metresi above the floor at a point where air circulation will carry particles throughout the area. In areas where the ceilings are low, such as attics & crawl splaces, install the dispenser approximately 0.5 metre from the ceiing. Do not install directly over food or food packaging surfaces. To install can, remove protective cap and screw into dispenser.

This insecticide is for use only in the automatic mister dispenser, which releases 27.5 mg of insecticide every 7.5 minutes. The continuous use of this insecticide will reduce flying insect populations (flies, mosquitoes and gnats) within a few hours. One can protect an area up to 170 cubic metres for up to 30 days.


Pyrethrins: 1.80%

Piperonyl Butoxide: 10.00%


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