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Air Comfort - Fearless Gardener Brand Online
Air Comfort - Fearless Gardener Brand Online
Air Comfort - Fearless Gardener Brand Online

Air Comfort

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Easily monitor different grow environments via one mobile device & application for iPhone or Android OS



Air Comfort will store temperature and humidity levels for up to 100 days of your grow room environment. Transferred to your mobile phone via Bluetooth in a graphical view - when you are within 10 meters away. Displaying data for today, 7 days or monthly periods of time inside your grow environment.

Data is continuously collected on the Air Comfort until you are in range again storing up to 100 days of information measuring humidity and temperature at regular intervals - which can be customized to meet your requirements. Compatible with multiple Air Comfort devices you have the ability to easily monitor different environments via one mobile device & application. Allowing you to dial in to your grow room environment - making adjustment as and when necessary to meet your plants requirements.

Using Air Comfort will bring the below benefits to your environment:

• Easy and quick access to humidity and temp information

• Secure Bluetooth Data Transfer to iOS or Android Phones

• Temperature Monitoring Range : -25°C to 70°C, accuracy at 25°C: ±0.5°C

• Humidity Monitoring Range : 0% to 100%, accuracy at 70%: ±4.5°C

• CR2450 battery included should last a minimum of 12 months before it needs changing


How to Use:

Air Comfort is simply placed in your growing environment - using only batteries it continuously record your grow environment area, and then transfer this information to your mobile device via secure Bluetooth connection.