Oxygen Absorbers - (500cc) Satchels
Dare To Grow - Greens Keeper Oxygen Absorbers
Dare To Grow - Green's Keeper
Dare To Grow - Greens Keepers Oxygen Absorber 2

Oxygen Absorbers - (500cc) Satchels

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Fearless Gardener Brand - Green's Keeper

Stay Green, Stay Fresh! 

Available in: 25-pack or 100-pack (500cc oxygen-absorbing sachets)

• Cautiously formulated with certain powdered irons and catalysts that absorb oxygen
• With minimal oxygen, molds, mildew, and aerobic bacteria may inhibit the growth
• Oxy-Out fights oxidation to increase shelf life, retain flavours and aromas
• Oxy-Out is Food Safe and uses no harmful gases and/or toxic elements
• Important: Oxy-Out is most effective with fully dried ingredients in vacuum-sealed bags.
Single-use only: one (1) 500cc pack is good for up to 1 large half pound BC Bag™ Please
Green's Keeper Sachets activate when exposed to air. For best results use all sachets quickly or reseal with a vacuum sealer. 


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