Ona - Gel Fresh Linen
Ona - Gel Fresh Linen - (4 Liter)
Ona - Gel Fresh Linen - (4 Liter)
Ona - Gel Fresh Linen - Fearless Gardener Brand

Ona - Gel Fresh Linen

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Ona - Gel Fresh Linen Dispense with Ona Breeze Fan or puncture the lid for light application. 
ONA GEL is an environmentally friendly, industrial strength, essential oil based odor neutralizer designed to eliminate a wide spectrum of odors. 
ONA is SAFE to use around people, pets and plants.  ONA is not a masking agent.  Use ONA and neutralize odors naturally at a molecular level.  GUARANTEED!

The ONA Gel is ideal for areas such as smoking rooms, vehicles, boats, kitchens, aeration vents, indoor gardens, workshops, warehouses, home use and more. 
Simply shake gently, remove lid and place container in area with airflow. You can regulate odor control by increasing or decreasing the amount of ONA exposed to the air for evaporation. 
One 4L container will provide coverage for rooms up to 250 square feet and will last up to 1-2 months depending on room temperature, humidity, airflow and rate of evaporation. 
We recommend using ONA GEL 4L with ONA Breeze Fan to cover a much wider area with optimal effect.