Future Harvest - Liquid Bud Start

Future Harvest - Liquid Bud Start

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Future Harvest - Liquid Bud Start
 is an early flower enhancer that will deliver striking visible results! This phosphorous-potassium booster is extremely effective in promoting a vigorous onset to a bloom cycle. It will assist as a weight gain supplement, as well as speeding up flower set development.
When using Bud Start, the size and amount of new flower sites on a fruiting crop is increased which causes them to expand and elongate. This early P-K boost speeds up and promotes a stronger start to flowering and has a positive effect on crop finishing times.
Key Features:
  • Can be used on short or longer flowering crops! Use once on short crops and twice for longer crops
  • Works with any branded fertilizer and additive products.
  • Will minimally increase EC values, unlike other P-K products. Full strength fertilizer can be used without the need for dilution.
  • Helps stabilize pH, assisting plants in taking up all the nutrients they require during the important early flowering phase.

Product Comparison:
  • Advanced: Bud Blood, Bud Igniter
8mL per 4L of nutrient solution
Apply first application when blossoms are first established (about the size of a nickel) then apply once again in 2 weeks
Some short cycle crops only need the first application


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