Dare To Grow - Carbon Overload
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Fearless Gardener Brand - Carbon Overload

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Dare To Grow - Carbon Overload  


Carbon Overload is a natural bio-stimulator that may improve soil structure and the overall health of the plant. Carbon Overload has the natural ability to chelate positively charged multivalent ions Mg, Ca, Fe, and other trace minerals aiding in nutrient absorption.

Carbon Overload has a balancing effect on the pH of the medium. By improving the structure of the medium, you will lead to larger and healthier root zones and naturally fight off disease and predators.



Carbon Overload is intended for use in all weeks of vegetative and flowering stages. 
Foliar: Add 3-6mL per L of spray

Root Watering: (Soil / Coco / Hydroponic) Add 1.25mL per L or 5mL per gallon. 
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