Agri-Growth - Growth Plus
Agri-Growth - Growth Plus

Agri-Growth - Growth Plus

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Agri-Growth - Growth Plus


Growth Plus (0.2 - 3 - 4) is a plant extract that is quality controlled for particular growth hormones. 

Growth Plus is all-natural marine algae extract plant food. A little goes a long way. This bottle will yield 400 liters of foliar spray solution or 2000 liters of watering solution. For all gardens, greenhouses, houseplants, lawns, and golf courses. 

Directions: Shake well before using. Apply non-toxic Growth Plus in the early morning or late afternoon for best results. Mix only enough for daily use, keep from freezing. 

Foliar Spraying: Dilute 10mL to 1L of water, start spraying plants at the 2 to 4 leaf stage. Continue weekly for the next 2 to 3 weeks. Spray when leaves are dry and no rain is expected. 

Root Watering – Transplanting – Seeding: Dilute 10mL to 5L liters of water, soak the soil thoroughly. 

Note: Only minor amounts of nutrients applied to foliage or seed are absorbed by plants. Foliar and seed treatments, therefore, supply only a portion of the three major nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) required for successful plant production. Such a product is recommended only for use as a supplement source of plant nutrients to a basic fertilizer program that relates to the fertility level of the soil. 

Guaranteed minimum analysis: 

Total nitrogen: 0.2% 

Available phosphoric acid: 3.0% 

Soluble potash: 4.0% 

Organic matter: 10% 


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