Fearless Gardeners Tip #004 : Better Root Health

 Factors For Better Root Health

  1. Clean Growing Medium
  2. Water Levels
  3. Soil Temperature & pH
  4. Salinity
  5. Beneficial Bacteria
  6. Oxygenation & Drainage


     1.Clean Growing Medium
  • Don't reuse media like peat moss or coco coir
  • Reused media could have residual salts or pathogens
  • Thoroughly clean and sanitize pots, reservoirs, etc.


     2. Water Levels

  •  Underwatering can cause your plant and roots to dry out
  • Overwatering can result in not enough oxygen being available to the roots and encourages the growth of pathogens

     3.Soil Temperature & pH:

  • We recommend keeping the temperature around 20-23"C (70-75° F)
  •  Pests are more likely to attack in high temperatures and low temperatures can slow plant metabolism
  • Fluctuations in soil temperature or pH can stress out roots or cause a nutrient lockout
  • Keep your pH between 5.8 and 6.2


  • Salt levels can build up in soil and cause dehydration
  • Perform regular flushes to prevent this! We recommend flushing every third feeding

     5.Beneficial Bacteria:

  • Microbes such as fungi and bacteria surround your roots and provide many benefits
  • Use a beneficial bacteria product or provide extra carbohydrates (Carbo Blast) to your plant to feed the bacteria living in your soil

     6.Oxygenation & Drainage:

  • Roots need to have oxygen!
  • Peat moss, coco coir, and perlite may provide more oxygen and drainage than other growing mediums

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