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The POG Plug-In

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The POG Plug-In

• Plugs into an outlet

• Durable and built for travel

• 9 programmable timer settings

• High speed Fans for extreme air movement

• No filter or maintenance

• 2 Year Warranty

• Good for up to 1500 sq. ft



The POG can be used in so many ways, whether you need to disinfect, kill fungus, destroy airborne viruses, eliminate odors, and even to prevent the growth of bacteria. The POG will work quietly in the background, purifying the air you breathe and the surfaces you’re in contact with. Control the spread of unwanted odor causing germs, fungus, and bacteria without the use of any chemicals or sprays.

Where can I use The POG?

  • Sports & Riding Equipment

  • Hockey Gear & Bags

  • Tack Rooms & Blankets

  • Trailers, RV’s & LQ Trailers

  • General Pet Odors

  • Household Smells

  • Kitchen & Fridge Food Odors

  • Stinky Cars & Trucks

  • Smoke Smells

  • Storage & Mildew / Mold

  • Camping, Cabins & Boats

  • Bacteria, Fungi

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